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Our Transformation Projects and Services

Transformation Projects and Services

The Dave Scottow Team is highly experienced in transforming organizations and businesses, mostly health care systems and industrial engineering companies. Featured below is the complete list of services we provide.

Consulting and Coaching

  • Lean Six Sigma Training, Coaching, Implementation
  • Daily Lean Management Implementation
  • Continuous Improvement of Practices/Methods
  • Change Management Systems Implementation

Transformation Projects and Services

Lean Operations Excellence and LSS Project Design, Building, and Facilitation

Lean Management System Implementation

The Lean Management System is a key “secret sauce” behind the success of Toyota’s 1 million implemented improvement ideas per year. If you want to be the leader in your market, you must implement a system that allows you to manage two things simultaneously.

  • First, engage your front line staff in daily idea generation to improve everything. 
  • Second, do not overburden their managers with approving every improvement idea.

Lean Office Design, Setup, and Staffing

Set up your Lean office with the right staff. Then, maintain the correct balance of acquiring Lean Six Sigma-trained industrial engineers and coaches. Most importantly, achieve team versatility to coach leaders and front line staff.

15-Step Lean Department Transformation

This comprehensive transformative (Kaikaku = radical change) method can lead to significant breakthroughs in productivity that sets the foundation for Kaizen and Daily Idea Improvement efforts. It begins with a Lean Industrial Engineering analysis where the focus is primarily on the 8 wastes in any system.

A3 Waves

This approach was first developed by Cancer Treatment Centers of America and was perfected by Dr. Brock Husby, PhD. Moreover, it was extensively championed by Baylor Scott & White Leadership. Now, it is a central part of getting more effective bandwidth from your assigned site Lean coaches.

Workload Balance Workshop and Workshare Daily Huddling

This novel approach was developed by the Lean OE Leaders at BSWH. It involves a streamlined approach to Line Balancing. Nevertheless, it involves front line staff in all of the key elements. Once the initial workload balancing workshop is completed, the front line team huddles daily to innovate and share the work.

Clinic Provider Practice Redesign

The pressures on 21st century clinics are ever increasing. Luckily, Dave has the experience in improving the “Joy of Practicing Medicine” for health care environments. This proven method not only enables staff to leave on time from the clinic and work at the top of their licenses but also increases the number of patients seen during any given clinic day — all while improving the time spent with the patient.

Value Stream Mapping

Future State Process implementation can get mired down, lose focus, and miss key details. Employing a proven VSM approach ensures a future state design is achieved. This reduces the waste desired, lets a champion own the charter, lets a process owner own the implementation action plan, and organizes a team. The innovative use of modern virtual technology ensures that projects stay on track no matter where the team is located.

Lean Project Management

Project management is crucial to the successful implementation of Lean Project Teams’ ideas. An experienced Project Management Professional approach is essential to on-time delivery of Lean results.

Lean Six Sigma Analysis Services and Training

  • 5S Implementation and Support
  • Lean Principles Training – Basic, Advanced, and Master Level
  • Agile Method Setup
  • Supply System Analysis and Kanban Supply Point Volumes, Reorder Point Volumes, and Location
  • Lean Accounting Systems Integration
  • Lean Six Sigma Analytical Services
  • LSS Time and Motion Studies
  • Lean Simulations (Arena Software) Design and Run
  • A3 Structured Problem Solving and Form usage
  • Video Standard Work Development
  • Pull Systems (including Kanban development)
  • Root Cause Analysis (5 Whys, Fishbone Analysis, Etc.)
  • FMEA

Our Lean Six Sigma System Approach

Dave has the unique experience on some of the earliest and most comprehensive applications of Lean in the health care industry. Consistently, his work has yielded improvement in various organizations. These organizations owe him the following developments in their operations.

  • Reducing the cost of operations while preserving levels of quality, safety, delivery of care and services, and staff engagement
  • Improving quality, safety, delivery of care and services, and staff engagement without increasing costs

The approach involves 3 distinct methods of Lean in the health care and manufacturing industries:

The Baylor Scott & White Health Lean Management System

Based on David Mann’s “Creating a Lean Culture” and Steve Hoeft and Dr. Bob Pryor’s “The Power of Ideas,” Dave was part of the leadership team that built the LMS system at Baylor Scott & White Health. This system spanned 22 hospitals, 350 clinics, and involved the use of 1,500+ daily idea huddle boards. These huddle boards are being used by over 40,000 leaders, managers, supervisors, and front line staff daily.

The University of Michigan, Henry Ford Healthcare, Optiprise Model

Much of the guiding principles of this approach came from Jeff Likers’ work in the Toyota Way, John Schook’s work on A3 Thinking, and Value Stream Mapping. All focused on applying the 5 main principles of Lean:

  • Understand Value From the Customers’ Perspective
  • Identify the Value Stream
  • Make the Value Flow
  • Let the Customers Pull
  • Pursue Perfection

The OpEx 15-Step Deployment Model

This 15-step deployment model is centered on classic industrial engineering principles and the Toyota Production System. It involves process and operator analysis and collaboration with a health care front line staff. This system is designed to completely transform an organization’s area of focus.

Dave has gained experience in applying this approach at Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Avera McKennan Health, Fairview Health System, and the University of Minnesota Medical Center. He has facilitated Lean transformations in: 

  • Emergency Departments
  • Perioperative Services (Including Pre-Op and PACU)
  • Clinical Labs
  • Transfusion Services Lab
  • Nursing Units
  • Medical Surgery Units
  • ICU
  • NICU
  • Supply Chain
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Sterile Processing and Case Cart Supply
  • Sterile Supply
  • Pharmacy
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